Martin McBride

Hi, I'm Martin McBride. I've been a professional software developer since the mid-80s, mainly working in computer graphics and maths visualisation, using assembly language, C++, Java and Python, among other languages.

This blog is a collection of articles on various creative coding topics, mainly relating to coding, generative art and computer music. It might also contain a bit about electronics or other subjects from time to time.


I am involved with a couple of open source projects.

I maintain the PythonInformer website, and its associated youtube channel, and have written several programming books.

I also maintain the GraphicMaths website, which covers maths from GCSE onwards, including computer maths topics and some of the maths used in generative art.

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Most of the articles can be read on their own. However the home pages lists the the main topics of the site, with a suggested reading order, if you want to use those articles as a tutorial.

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