The first proper release of generativepy - V1.0 - is now available on pypi.

You can install it using:

pip install generativepy

You will need Python V3.5 or later. You will also need pycairo and numpy installed.

This version features:

  • Vector drawing using pycairo - basic shapes, lines, text, images
  • Colour support - RGB, HSL, grayscale, CSS named colours, transparency
  • Save to PNG
  • Save to SVG, so output can be further edited in Inkscape
  • Plot graphs of mathematical functions f(x), f(y) and polar equations
  • Include shapes and text on graphs
  • Create animation frame sequences
  • Simple tweening library
  • Frames can be stored as animated GIF (requires gifscicle installed)
  • Frames can be stored as a sequence of PNG images (convert to video using ffmpeg)

Documentation is in progress, but meanwhile I hope to show a few examples here.