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Aug 2022

  1. Is Google Keep useful?

Jul 2022

  1. Avoiding the hazards of Python truthy values
  2. Implementing simple SEO with Keywords Everywhere
  3. The three productivity apps I use

Jan 2022

  1. Spirograph code in generativepy
  2. Spirographs
  3. Geometric art
  4. Julia fractal in generativepy
  5. Popcorn fractal in generativepy

Dec 2021

  1. Newton fractal in generativepy
  2. Hopalong fractal in generativepy
  3. Henon fractal in generativepy
  4. Strange attractors in generativepy
  5. Escape-time fractals in generativepy
  6. Gingerbread man fractal in generativepy
  7. King's dream fractal in generativepy
  8. Burning ship fractal in generativepy
  9. Black and white Mandelbrot fractal in generativepy
  10. Coloured Tinkerbell fractal in generativepy
  11. Coloured Mandelbrot fractal in generativepy
  12. Fractals
  13. Black and white Tinkerbell fractal in generativepy

Oct 2021

  1. Repetition and variation
  2. Pysound soundfile module
  3. Pysound simple saw waves
  4. Pysound simple square waves
  5. Pysound changing frequency, amplitude, and offset of a sine wave

Sep 2021

  1. Pysound simple sine waves
  2. Pysound sound parameters
  3. Pysound version information
  4. Pysound oscillators module
  5. Pysound buffer module
  6. Pysound const module
  7. Introduction
  8. Pysound reference

Aug 2021

  1. Wave shapes
  2. Pysound tutorial
  3. Introduction
  4. Pysound simple examples
  5. Blog posts
  6. Fractals (old)
  7. Generative art (old)
  8. Sound frequency

Jul 2021

  1. Sound waves
  2. Sound synthesis
  3. Using Anaconda and Pycharm to choose a Python version

Jun 2021

  1. Generative art
  2. Voronoi diagrams with SciPy
  3. Creating a Python open source project
  4. Self-publishing a technical e-book

Jul 2019

  1. Chaos game Sierpinski triangle
  2. L Systems - creating trees

Jun 2019

  1. L Systems - introduction and Koch curves
  2. A simple turtle in generativepy
  3. Delaunay triangulation with scipy and generativepy
  4. Cardioid string art with generativepy

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